Guidelines for the submission of content for free viewing & E-book store procedures and costs

Poem or Short Story

All works submitted will need to meet the following criteria:

All articles will need to be submitted using the Samtol Amrit lipi font. If you use an alternate font, you will need to send the font along with the submission. We will review and confirm the licensing for font. Alternatively. you can submit the document in pdf format.

Additional criteria

  • No political messages
  • No poems or stories of sexual nature
  • No gender, race, caste or sexual orientation based bias


We offer the ability for you to be able to sell your books in electronic format. The present formats that will be allowed are:

  • .epub
  • .mobi

The price of the book will be determined by the author. The author will receive the full cost of the sale minus the following:

  • PayPal fee of 2.9% of the price + $0.30 cdn
  • $1.50cdn admin fee for managing the upload and processing of sales to the author on a monthly basis

Aar-paar accepts no responsibility and liability for text errors, formatting of the book etc. if provided by the author for sale on the site

E-book services

If you are unable to provide your book in the required format, we provide the service to convert your Word document into an e-book for a small fee.

Base package:

  • Convert your Word document to .epub and .mobi *You will need to provide the font used.
  • Add in a Book cover. *Provided by author

Price: $50cdn

Full package:

  • Convert your Word document to .epub and .mobi *You will need to provide the font used.
  • Full design work for the books cover.
  • Provide you will the design and book work in Indesign format, if you choose have the book printed.

Price $125cdn

For more information, please contact us.